Funyuns and chicharrones

Score! Funyuns, chicharrones and a window seat on the train, it must be your lucky day. Sure the dollar value of these snacks is low, but the enjoyment derived by these free treats is off the charts. As an added bonus, you can learn about each product on your ride because both snacks have their own Twitter handles – @TheRealFunyuns and @Spot_the_PIG! Would you eat that?


Doughnuts to start your day!

Good morning, coworker! I brought these in just for you. My inner Sherlock Holmes says the box tore after the original customer left the store, the doughnuts tumbled, but I don’t think they ever made contact with the ground. In my book this is a perfect sidewalk snack. I placed them on your desk to enjoy. Save me an apple fritter! Would you eat that?img_1132